Frequently asked questions

What is allows you to order food to your home or work online. It's very simple! You can choose your delivery service on our list of providers. Your food is a click away!

Can I order student meals?

YES. Restaurants that provide student meals (and allow payment with the student coupons) are highlighted on the list of restaurants. To order subsidised meals, choose the "For students" tab in the menu of the restaurant.

Is it free?

YES. Ordering food on is completely free. You will, however, have to pay for the meal you ordered - but the price of the food is no different than the regular price when you order by phone (and ordering by phone is so old-fashioned anyway :).

How to use

Remember: Ordering food on is simple!

When you've successfully registered, choose the restaurant you'd like to order your food from. You can choose your food in their menu by clicking on the items you want. The chosen items will then be added to your cart, which is located on the right. You can add notes and extras to each item, as well as set the item's quantity. When you are pleased with your order, click "Next". In the next step, you need to choose the address to which you would like the food to be delivered. You can also add a note to the address. When you are done, click "Send order".

After you've sent your order, the personnel at the chosen restaurant is notified of your order and will respond to it in a few minutes. They are always trying to process your order as quickly as possible. You can also leave the page that is displaying the status of your order and check on your order later by clicking on the »My orders« button (also on the right).

How do I know the restaurant has received my order?

It is completely unnecessary to wonder whether or not the order was successfully forwarded to the restaurant. After you've placed your order, the personnel at the delivery provider is notified and confirms your order in a timely manner. The feedback, containing the information about whether the order was confirmed or rejected by the restaurant, as well as the approximate time the delivery will take will be displayed on your screen. If you leave the page displaying the feedback, you can always check back on your order at a later time.

Was my credit card charged for an order that was rejected?


When you pre-pay for your order, a reservation of funds is placed on your card. That reservation is only charged after the restaurant confirms your order. In case your order was rejected, the reservation is canceled and your card is not charged.

In case you were informed about a new purchase by your bank, do not worry! Most banks do not differentiate between reservations and actual charges, so you were warned about a new purchase prematurely. We do not charge for rejected orders!

Who has access to my personal information?

Your personal info such as your name, address, email or telephone number are all protected. We use your personal information only to provide our service and do not share it with any third party (other than the food delivery service, of course). We will not send you any spam.

How can I delete my account?

You can request the removal of your account and all your personal information from our database by sending us an email to


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